A Prince's Eye

J.P Losty, 2013
Catalogue, 166 pages
Publisher: Francesca Galloway
ISBN: 978-0-9569147-3-6
Dimensions: 31 x 24.5 cm

Imperial Mughal paintings have always been regarded as the 'blue chip' of Indian art - ever rare and ever sought after. Now, when they do appear on the market it is often when an existing famous collection is sold or dispersed - in itself an unusual event. We are proud to be able to present in this catalogue just such a group of outstanding Mughal paintings, assembled by a highly discerning eye at a time when some great collections were being sold. The opportunity to appreciate these as a complete group, originally curated to inform and complement each other, is an important one and it is for this reason, quite apart from their rarity, that we are offering these paintings as a collection.

Along with the Princely Collection, we are also pleased to offer an exciting group of Indian decorative arts, including a number of Deccani bidriware and Mughal daggers from private collections. As individual pieces, we are offering an unusual group of important Mughal paintings, among which are two 18th century versions of lost Jahangirnama paintings, originally from a royal Rajput household. Another exceptional piece is the large and complete 17th century summer carpet from the Amber group of chintzes, which has retained its extraordinary vibrancy despite its age. It was probably never used.