Rajput Paintings from the Ludwig Habighorst Collection

Asia Week New York 2019
13 - 22 March 2019

For Asia Week New York, we are pleased to present a selection of fine Rajasthani paintings accompanied by a small group of important Pahari works - all are from

the Ludwig Habighorst collection.

Collecting Indian painting, a lifelong journey and passion for Habighorst, has been not solely an academic exercise but a pursuit engaging the imagination and
the senses. This can be seen in the quality and character of the work. J.P. Losty writes incisively in his illuminating introduction about Rajasthani painting being a conceptual art originating in a formalised style, rather than one aiming towards naturalism, as in Mughal painting. These miniatures nonetheless evoke compelling and recognisable human drama. Scenes of lavish and detailed court entertainment are juxtaposed with the pain of pining for an absent lover, the aftermath of infidelity, and illicit midnight assignations.



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